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Competitive Soccer Leagues

BYSA offers two competive soccer leagues. Division 2 with STYSA and Division 1 or Super 2 with EDPL presented by STYSA.

The D2L is open to Division 2 teams registered to South Texas Youth Soccer Eastern District clubs. Competitive play is available for boys and girls teams ages 11U-19U. Opportunity to advance to the STYSA Eastern District Players League (EDPL) for Super II and Division I is offered based on team placement. Teams entering this league should expect to travel across Houston and the outside areas for games, as far as Lake Jackson, Baytown, College Station, and Conroe.


The Players League exclusively hosts all the Eastern District Division I and Super II levels of play, including boys and girls teams from the 11U through 19U age groups. Play in this league is based on team placement in D2.

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